Why developing the art of public speaking is important?

Why developing the art of public speaking is important?


Public speaking is something that a student will face throughout his life. Speaking is usually the most common weakness of Indian students. Some students face no problem speaking in Hindi but when it comes to a secondary language, it becomes an issue. But why speaking? If you observe carefully, a student can read, write and understand a language easily.

The reason behind this is that the focus is put more on these aspects. Reading, writing, and understanding require little to no confidence but speaking requires a lot of self-confidence and practice.

Certain students tend to get anxious, sweat, and lose the power of thinking as soon as they are asked to speak publicly. The fact is that if students spend even as little as 20 percent hard work on speaking skills as they spend on reading and writing skills, their confidence will improve significantly.

Self-confidence is an absolutely necessary skill required in today’s world. Some children are born with it, while some need to work hard and develop it. As a parent, it is your duty to help your child gain confidence or it may affect his entire life.

How parents can help their child in gaining confidence:

> Play games and activities with your child which include speaking like debates.

> Download apps that boost the public speaking of your child.

> Make your child join a coaching class to boost speaking skills. Vidya Hub Institute is a platform where you can strengthen your English and other foundation subjects.

> Encourage confidence throughout their daily lives.

Tips to Improve Public speaking:

> Listening to a chapter is not enough. Reading it out loud helps in improving fluency.

> Prepare lines to say ahead of time.

> Watch movies and videos which help in understanding the language.

> Memorizing what needs to be said.

> Try to socialize more.


Some of the world’s greatest leaders were known for their public speaking. Great public speaking helps throughout life. “I know that men are won over less by the written than by the spoken word, that every great movement on this earth owes its growth to great orators and not to great writers,” ~ Adolf Hitler. The German leader gave hundreds of speeches, persuading the people of his country to believe in him. Even though his cause was not good, his speaking skills helped him in rising through the ranks.

This is the power of public speaking. Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, who is regarded as one of the greatest public speakers of all time, moved the world through his speeches. He became a symbol of equality and non-discrimination. It’s a simple rule of the world, if you want to lead people; you need to convince them through your confidence and words.


Developing this level of confidence is not as difficult as some people might think. Students get a lot of opportunities in their school life to enhance their public speaking skills. Teachers and parents helping simultaneously will definitely give some results. Not a single student who studied at Vidya Hub felt a lack of confidence because we feel that it is absolutely necessary to be fluent and expressive, and so we help every student become a future leader.


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