7 Signs your Child is an Introvert and How to help an Introverted Child.

Is your child an introvert?

As a parent, you are always looking out for your child. You try to decipher the type of personality your child is starting to develop. Does he have a natural sense of humor, or is he/she more serious? Is he/she a daredevil, or does he/she play it safe? Is your child an introvert or an extrovert? An introvert is a type of person who is usually quiet, timid, and prefers the company of himself more than other people. Being an introvert is not like having a disease or poor mental health, it’s a perfectly normal thing. No one is made perfect. Some people just prefer to be alone.


Signs that your child is an introvert:


  • Has Difficulty In Explaining Himself: Has it ever happened that your child was really struggling to explain himself even though he hasn’t done anything wrong. This is one of the indications of him being an introvert.


  • Evade Group Works: Does your child like to engage in group activities? If not then he might be an introvert. As mentioned before, they will prefer to work alone even though they can get a helping hand.


  • Doesn’t Want To Make New Friends: Every parent wants their child to have a nice friend circle. But introverts do not excel at making new friends. They prefer a small social circle and stay close to them.


  • Prefers To Stay At Home Rather than Going Out: The first choice of an introvert would always be staying at home, even though they have nothing important to do. They usually avoid going out.


  • Has Strong Listening Powers: Shy people are fond of listening which they prioritized over talking. Introverts develop excellent listening skills from childhood.


  • Get Lost In Thoughts: According to a study, introverts are excellent thinkers. Most introverts have sharp minds and are born curious. They tend to shift their focus to the questions that matter like how things work? how our life can be made better? Are we alone in the universe? Etc. They might not ask these questions to anyone but they sure try to find the answers.


  • Likes A Quite Environment: Your child might hate loud music or people talking loudly. Introverts tend to not like noisy environments. They want quietness and peace to concentrate.

Have you found the answer to whether your child’s an introvert or an extrovert? Well, it doesn’t really matter; you still got to love him/her, Right? Don’t try to change your child too much, let his/her personality develop naturally, like a Tree. You can help nurture her/him and see them grow.

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