Top 4 Signs That Show You are an Overprotective Parent.

Do you feel you are an Overprotective parent?

Let’s understand how excessive care hinders Natural Maturing.

Parenting can be one of the toughest challenges in a person’s life. Screwing up this task can have lifelong repercussions on your child. Every couple has their own way of raising a child. While some believe that a child must have his own freedom and privacy, some belief in discipline and control. Certain parenting techniques can be more harmful to a child than beneficial.


Time has caused some major changes in parenting. The techniques used by parents in the 90s or 80s and the techniques used by parents now are worlds apart. If you think you can raise your child exactly the same way your parents raised you, you couldn’t be more wrong. Due to technological advancements and globalization, the children of this new age demand more freedom and privacy. Scientifically speaking, Overprotection is an excessive restriction of a child’s behavior allegedly in the interest of his or her health and welfare by an anxious, insecure, or domineering parent. No parent would ever intentionally try to harm their child but can still cause long-lasting consequences in their ward’s life.


The world has changed a lot, and yes there are a lot of things that your child needs protection from, but limiting his or her freedom is not the answer. Overprotection of preadolescents is seen very rarely. But it becomes a huge problem in the case of teenagers. There are some severe effects of bad parenting that might ruin a teenager’s future.


Characteristic effects of Overprotection:


  1. LACK OF CONFIDENCE OR SHYNESS: Limiting the freedom of your child can cause him or her to become a shy person or as netizens say, “An Introvert”. This will affect the public speaking skills of your child which is extremely important to succeed in this ever-growing world. For more information on how public speaking is important read this article: The importance of public speaking in students life | Vidya Hub


  1. RESENTMENT: Overprotecting your child may lead to him/her resenting you. Resentment refers to a complex emotion of having been treated unfairly. Still, think your child doesn’t need privacy?


  1. REPRESSED RAGE: Your 15-year-old son wants to go on a school trip for 3 days. But you as a parent think that it’s a waste of time & money and is too dangerous. So, you tell him no. A week later he gets in a fight in school and gets hurt. Why do you think this happened? Your child was repressing anger within him. There is only a finite amount of time he can store it and then, explode. He was angry at you for not letting him go on the trip, but his anger was let out in the form of a fight. This is a very common case of repressed rage.


  1. POOR MENTAL HEALTH: YES! Mental health is a thing and being mentally fit is an unexpectedly difficult task in today’s world. Bad parenting techniques could lead your child to depression. According to WHO, there are almost 8,00,000 suicides every year due to depression.


Remember that helicopter or drone parenting can do worse than what you expect. Helicopter or drone parenting means “hover overhead”, “overseeing”, or “putting your child’s life under constant surveillance”. Protect your child that is your duty, but never overdo it. The best one can do to correct it, is by telling their children “how” and “why” of things. They should be having the habit of doing things on their own, by this, they understand the power of decision making. Though, you must improvise his/her thoughts and ideas.


It is quintessential to note that your overindulgence can make them lose a bond of friendship with you. Parents should develop a bond where they make their kids understand the situation and explain their every “NO” in order to not sound arbitrary. A point every parent must remember is not to overwhelm the child with restrictions. Let your child grow while having fun and being social.  Connect with Vidya Hub’s team to anchor and stabilize their career-related decisions.