Can September Help You To Clear JEE Advance 2021?

Sunday the third of this year’s October has been marked as the exam day in thousands of calendars. JEE Advanced date was announced earlier in July and only about a month remains to write your destiny. This September will define the future of thousands of students nationwide. Kind of Scary Right!!! Due to the ongoing Covid Pandemic, it was difficult for the government to decide on this date but now it has been done and there is nothing anyone can do about it now. Except for 3rd Wave, and you wouldn’t pray for that to happen.


Things you need to change this September to achieve results:



  • START ASKING QUESTIONS: I know that there’s not enough time, but you still got to make the best out of whatever’s left. Asking questions about concepts from your teacher is guaranteed to clear your doubts. If you think that a concept is not important then that could be your biggest mistake. Interactive and responsive nature will also help boost your confidence.


  • SOLVING PREVIOUS YEAR’S QUESTION PAPERS & SAMPLE PAPERS: Since around 30 days are left for the big day, your syllabus must be complete right? If it’s not, you might want to hurry up. Anyways, now’s the right time to start solving the previous year’s question papers. This is a great activity to revise your syllabus and learn the pattern of the exam. You can also try to solve some sample papers available online or provided to you by your teachers. Sample papers are a little tough to solve but this means that they are really good for practicing. You got to prepare for the worst right?


  • RIGHT TEACHER: You need to study from the best teacher available. We are not saying that the teacher you are currently studying from is not good. Every teacher is best in his/her own way. But your thinking needs to match with your guru. If not then it might be time to reconsider, after all, there’s not much time left. Right?


  • KEEP YOURSELF UP-TO-DATE: There are lots of rumors spread around regarding JEE. You need to focus on yourself and not believe any flying news. Anything official will definitely be posted on the JEE official website. Remember to not miss any updates from the institution.


  • TAKING CARE OF YOUR MENTAL HEALTH: Every day hundreds and thousands of students suffer from depression, simply because they can’t take it anymore. You need to take care of your mental health. Wake up early, eat healthily, take short and cold showers, laugh, take breaks and get enough sleep while studying the hardest you have ever studied in your entire laugh. Ironic? You need to get your priorities right this month.


Now that we have told you all these changes you need to bring in yourself, there’s one left. And it’s to choose Vidya Hub. We are known for bringing these changes into a student’s life. Our success rate in JEE is probably the best. Our classes are interactive, we provide students with the right study material, we have the best teachers, we digitally connect with our students and we try our best to make learning as fun as possible. So why not try us? After all, you can’t take any chances this month.

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